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Hilary Tailor is a design consultant and has worked with a global clientele including adidas and Puma as a colour and trend forecaster. She was raised on the Wirral Peninsula and graduated from the Royal College of Art. 

THE VANISHING TIDE is her debut novel.

My Story

When I was pregnant, I attended a pediatric first aid course. As we learnt how to perform CPR, a thought entered my mind. I wrote it down and it became a book, THE VANISHING TIDE. I have always been a reader and writer. My job as a trend forecaster involves telling stories and illustrating images with words. It was a long-held ambition to write a novel and it took over ten years from conception to publication. I am now working on a second book, SWIMMING HOME which deals with similar themes: family, loyalty, and secrets. It will be published in 2023.

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