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What if all you inherit from your mother are her secrets?


Isla knows her family kept things from her. When she inherits the cliffside cottage where she spent her childhood, she must face dark shadows of her past – the mother who rejected her in favour of her art, the aunt whose death haunted them both, and the silence that permeated every room. Digging through the belongings of someone she realises she never really knew, Isla finally has the chance to find answers to the secrets her mother spent a lifetime hiding.


But lies can’t be swept away by the tide. And when Isla crosses paths with a mother and young daughter visiting her remote hometown, she becomes entangled in their family’s secrets, too, forcing her to wonder whether the truth she is seeking will really set her free.


Isla’s past is as dark as the ocean around her. But when she comes up for air, the mysteries of this lonely shore will reveal themselves in unexpected ways. . .

Swimming Home cover.png


The Lyrical and compelling new novel from the author of The Vanishing Tide.


Publishing date: April 2023

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