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The Inspirational Setting Behind The Vanishing Tide

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

The Wirral Peninsula, where I grew up, inspired the setting of The Vanishing Tide. This finger of land comprises several beaches that run into one another, with small islands a walkable distance away. The sand is wide and beautiful but the tides can be dangerous if you don't know how to cross the sand safely.

Taken in Hoylake, the islands of Hilbre and Middle Eye can be seen in the distance

In the far distance you can see Wales

This is the wall of the lake at West Kirby. The tide is in so you can see how the edge disappears when the sea water laps over the wall of the lake.

The lifeguard at West Kirby beach

A notice to explain how to walk safely over to the islands

Taken at Thurstaston beach where the cliff face is crumbling away. This beach inspired the scene where Isla gets caught up in bad weather when she runs.

Red Rocks, Hoylake. I used to come here for picnics as a child and I have brought my own children here too when they were little. The sandstone formations are beautiful and form little rockpools.

Thurstaston cliffs. If you look out to sea, you can see the gullies in the sand. You can get stuck in them if you aren't careful and the tide races in.

Thurstaston beach

The narrow walkway down to Thurstaston beach

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